Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Water sporting activities near Newquay holiday apartments

Cornwall is known for its excellent beaches and beach activities and tourists that would like to enjoy their stay in this wonderful county should book at one of Newquay holiday apartments during their holidays. You can visit the different historical sites, gardens, restaurant and pubs and also spend the day in the museums learning about the area and the culture of this popular and fabulous county. Many of the major attractions are located in the same proximity of Newquay holiday apartments which prove to be convenient for guests booked in these accommodations. Taking the road less travelled or activity that is not so common will prove to be perfect ways to relax and enjoy away from the crowd and kayaking is a calm yet invigorating way to enjoy the views of the coast and get a nice sun kissed complexion while you are at it.

There are also many thrilling activities that you can enjoy while at the Newquay holiday apartments and the beach activities are the must- tries during your stay. You can enjoy kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, diving, snorkelling and sailing in many of the beaches located in this town. Apart from the exciting water sport activities you can also have a great time enjoying the different sites and attractions out of the sand and water during your vacation at Newquay holiday apartments. Many Newquay holiday apartments are located near the water and are ideal places to stay during your holidays. Here are some of the suggested kayaking spots that you can consider:

Kayaking at mullion

This is one of the most popular kayaking spots of the town for tourists during their stay at Newquay holiday apartments. You can paddle to the Polurian Cove where the landscape resembles a lost garden with an abundant variety of flowers and different tropical plants or you can cruise through the Lizard Peninsula and appreciate the simple joys of having the warm rays of the sun on you face and savor the clean crisp sea air.  Newquay holiday apartments will serve as restful retreats for families after a long day paddling through the water.

Kayaking at portreath

You can enjoy your holidays by going kayaking at Portreath which is not too far from Newquay holiday apartments. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by older members of the family. Children below the age of 8 are unfortunately not allowed to join in this activity for safety reasons. Kayaking is a good way to look at the scenery that Portreath has to offer. You could go at your own pace and stop at the different areas for a good photo opportunity for the family to share with love ones back home of their kayaking vacation in Newquay. The Newquay holiday cottages area great places for families to stay at for they are close to many kayaking spots in the county.

After learning more about these activities you would surely be interested in coming down to Newquay holiday apartments and having a great time with your loved ones.