Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shopping and Exploring at Newquay Farms

If you have chosen the holiday cottages as your Newquay accommodation and are thinking of cooking your own meals in their self-catering facilities, it would be a great idea to explore the different farms and farm shops where you can get the freshest produce in Newquay. You will also get to buy some things that are great to take back home with you.  This is in addition to the chance to visit a real farm and see how they operate. Here are two farms and farm shops that come highly recommended.

Trevilley Farm Shop
Lane, Newquay
(01637) 872-310

Trevilley Farm Shop, opened in 2004 and owned by Keith and Gill Barrett is located in a working family farm.  It is easily accessible if you are staying at the holiday cottage, your best Newquay accommodation. The farm has been awarded Cornwall Life Food Producer for 2008 and 2010 as well as Cornwall Life Best Independent Food Shop 2010. The farm produces their own South Devonshire 14-day hung beef, lamb, free-range bronze turkeys, free-range geese and vegetables. They also produce multi bird roasts (or bird within a bird) for Christmas using turkey, goose, chicken, duck, partridge, pheasant and pigeon and may also come with chestnut, lemon & thyme, cranberry or sage & onion stuffing. There are duck eggs that come from the farm ducks. All these are sold at the farm shop. The farm makes its own jams, marmalades, chutneys and pickles.  Other produce such as bread, Cornish pasties, pies, quiches, sausage rolls, cakes and more are made fresh every day.  There are other products from 50 local suppliers sold at the shop.  They are very strict about origin and quality when sourcing out products to sell at the shop. They get directly from the farm whenever possible. The farm shop has an online shop where you can order from and have it delivered within the Newquay area. One good thing to buy if you are planning to cook in your Newquay accommodation is the produce box which gives you a choice of different fresh produce that you can use to cook your meal.

Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm Shop
Penhallow, Truro
(01872) 573-356

Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm is the largest Cornish cyder maker in Cornwall. It is easily accessible from your Newquay accommodation. This farm was the first one to have a distillery in Cornwall and remain to be the only one for 300 years. A guided tour of the farm will take you through the ancient cyder making process. You can see the press house and bottlery where the best traditional farm house ciders and fruit wines are made. It has a farm shop where you can get free tastings as well as an online shop. You can get bottled cyder like Cornish scrumpy, classic oak matured cyder, classic reserve cyder, Cornish rattler, pear rattler and berry rattler.  There are also draught cyder , country fruit wines, Cornish summer fruits wine, Cornish apple brandy,  Cornish eau de vie, Cornish  whiskey and Cornish fruit juices. Fresh from the kitchen are jams, preserves, preserves with liquers, pickles, chutneys and condiments like mustard, applesauce and more.  Visiting the farm will give you the chance to have fun tractor rides and see friendly farm animals as well. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Stunning Houses that Keep History Alive in Cornwall

A visit to Cornwall is not complete without a visit to the different historical houses.  It will give you an inside look at how luxurious life was like for the rich in the past. Here are two places that are easily accessible from your Cornwall holiday cottages. You must include them in your itinerary.

Port Eliot
Estate Office, St Germans
Saltash, Cornwall
(01503) 230-211

Port Eliot is a magnificent attraction that is surrounded by magical grounds that sits right beside a secret estuary in Cornwall. It is a Grade 1 listed house and a Grade 1 listed park and garden. This award winning attraction can easily be reached if you are staying at the luxurious Cornwall holiday cottages. Sir John Soane has done such a beautiful work on the house while Humphrey Repton was the person responsible for the stunning park and garden.  You can see 11 staircases, 82 chimneys and 15 backdoors with a roof that covers half an acre. The Drawing Room was once the refectory when this place was still a monastery while the Big Dining room is decorated every year by Michael Howells, the famous production designer. The interesting house carpenter’s shop is where the house carpenter would repair furniture or do all the other jobs that kept the house well maintained. The popular Round Room has the masterpiece of Robert Lenckiewicz while the Morning Room has walls covered by 19th century French damask. The Port Eliot garden not only has an amazing collection of magnificent trees and shrubs but it also has summerhouses, a maze where children can play, ornamental ponds and fountains. You can visit the 18th century picturesque Boat House and the beautiful 18th century Orangery where citrus fruits were grown. The nine arch Romanesque viaduct was built in 1864 and is still used for the present line connecting London to Penzance. The 100 year old Rhododendron Garden has several sweetly scented species and hybrids and makes a great place to have a picnic. You can visit the house and garden from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. everyday starting 12th March to 7th June and 11th June to 8th July. Admission fee is £8.00 for adults, £4.00 for children under 16. Make sure you have explored thoroughly before going back to your comfortable Cornwall holiday cottages.

St Dominick
Saltash, Cornwall
(01579) 351-346

Cotehele is a Tudor mansion that sits in one of the most breathtaking riverside estate in St Dominick which you must visit if you are staying at the elegant Cornwall holiday cottages. This historic house was believed to be built between 1485 and 1627 and uses local granite, sandstone and slate. It served as the home of the Edgcumbe family for several centuries. Until today, the interior remains unlit by electricity.  You will see a fine collection of original oak furniture with arms and armours prominently displayed in the great hall. The walls are covered with beautiful tapestries and you will see interesting textiles used in the rooms. The oldest domestic working clock in the country is still hung in the chapel. Surrounding this beautiful home is the well maintained Valley Garden with formally planted terraces, a domed dovecote, a medieval stewpond and two apple and cherry orchards which overlooks the verdant valley. You must board Shamrock, the 1899 sailing barge moored at Cotehele Quay before going back to your Cornwall holiday cottages

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Water sporting activities near Newquay holiday apartments

Cornwall is known for its excellent beaches and beach activities and tourists that would like to enjoy their stay in this wonderful county should book at one of Newquay holiday apartments during their holidays. You can visit the different historical sites, gardens, restaurant and pubs and also spend the day in the museums learning about the area and the culture of this popular and fabulous county. Many of the major attractions are located in the same proximity of Newquay holiday apartments which prove to be convenient for guests booked in these accommodations. Taking the road less travelled or activity that is not so common will prove to be perfect ways to relax and enjoy away from the crowd and kayaking is a calm yet invigorating way to enjoy the views of the coast and get a nice sun kissed complexion while you are at it.

There are also many thrilling activities that you can enjoy while at the Newquay holiday apartments and the beach activities are the must- tries during your stay. You can enjoy kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, diving, snorkelling and sailing in many of the beaches located in this town. Apart from the exciting water sport activities you can also have a great time enjoying the different sites and attractions out of the sand and water during your vacation at Newquay holiday apartments. Many Newquay holiday apartments are located near the water and are ideal places to stay during your holidays. Here are some of the suggested kayaking spots that you can consider:

Kayaking at mullion

This is one of the most popular kayaking spots of the town for tourists during their stay at Newquay holiday apartments. You can paddle to the Polurian Cove where the landscape resembles a lost garden with an abundant variety of flowers and different tropical plants or you can cruise through the Lizard Peninsula and appreciate the simple joys of having the warm rays of the sun on you face and savor the clean crisp sea air.  Newquay holiday apartments will serve as restful retreats for families after a long day paddling through the water.

Kayaking at portreath

You can enjoy your holidays by going kayaking at Portreath which is not too far from Newquay holiday apartments. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by older members of the family. Children below the age of 8 are unfortunately not allowed to join in this activity for safety reasons. Kayaking is a good way to look at the scenery that Portreath has to offer. You could go at your own pace and stop at the different areas for a good photo opportunity for the family to share with love ones back home of their kayaking vacation in Newquay. The Newquay holiday cottages area great places for families to stay at for they are close to many kayaking spots in the county.

After learning more about these activities you would surely be interested in coming down to Newquay holiday apartments and having a great time with your loved ones.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dartmouth Holiday Cottages

Dartmouth is found along the shoreline tract of the county. It has numerous attractions sites to visit, for holidaying families or those in quest of thrilling holidays and revelry. Your exploration for a great holiday would not be total without a stay at the strikingly beautiful Dartmouth Holiday Cottages, which is in perfect radius of all the attraction sites in the county. The delightful cottages are all set with all the essential facilities to make your stay much cozy and awesome, what with the picturesque shores to take elongated, rewarding walks.

Attractions and Sites to Visit

A visit to the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park will disclose thousands of unusual, natural plants and animals. Golf devotees unquestionably are obliged visit the Dartmouth Golf and County Club, the best of its kind. Woodlands Family Theme Park, the most thrilling, awe- inspiring of them all, has several attractions for all members of the family. It does not matter if winter time, raining or not, there are lots of inside activities to indulge yourself in; the Trauma Tower for the brave reveler, the Empire Tower to experience the marvelous distinctive levels of floors, the Ice Palace exquisitely made for the little ones below the age of seven years, and adults are not left out of the fun either, by going around driving the U-Drive tractors. The exciting bit is that you do not need to go far when sojourning at the Dartmouth holiday Cottages, as these are all near it.
The Animal Sanctuary has giant sheds that are homes to numerous animals and birds. Come be part of this interesting experience with jungle life. Go for cool and electrifying water rides with family members, and chill out in the nightfall back to your cottage at Dartmouth Holiday Cottages, which is relatively near the Park.
Fast Rabbit Farm, also a few minutes’ walk from Dartmouth Cottages, is another mesmerizing spot to visit and share in its history. It has a remarkable story behind its name, and is a pure 45 acres all woodland. Its two gorges stretch right through, with a river running through one. Several genuses of flowers with delightful perfume beautify the gigantic lands; magnolias, rhododendrons, bluebells in May, and carmelias, among others. Animals that you will see comprise hares, badgers, and rabbits.
Due to its huge vacationers pull, services such as toilets are available.

Places to eat in

Enjoy delectable meals in several restaurants that specialize in various cuisines such as Italian, French, Asian and contemporary dishes deliciously prepared to make you go back again. La Fourchette Brasserie, famous for its French cuisine that is usually prepared excellently, is a haven for revelers and locals alike. Its convenience is the fact that it is near Dartmouth Holiday Cottages, which makes it a choice if you are staying at the picturesque cottages. Due to its exclusive setting, your dining encounter will indeed be a superb one.

The Old Bakery Restaurant is an additional to the numerous exciting to visit restaurants located near Dartmouth Holiday Cottages. Open from 0900hours till 1100hous daily, the Old Bakery Restaurant offers nothing but the best flavored foods that include specialties such as aubergine that are done to precision. This restaurant offers dishes that are an option to your cooking at Dartmouth Holiday Cottages, and an encounter that is by a long shot not easily forgotten.

More is available at Dartmouth Holiday Cottages, be it lovely landscape or enchanting ambiance. Visit this haven of artistry for your holiday to experience all that.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Enjoying Dog Friendly Holidays In Cornwall

Cornwall is an ideal location to have a mini break, you can find plenty to do and holidaymakers can fly straight into the area from some countries in Europe and domestically from London. The transportation system has brought significant investment and is capable to provide services for tourists. Cornwall offers travelers the chance to completely unwind and hang up their feet up for the whole of their total stay. Cornwall boasts quiet and sleepy countryside which spills upon wonderful sandy beach locations which consequently give way towards the lapping ocean. The best thing about staying here is that you can bring along your four-footed companion and enjoy dog friendly holidays in this part of the country.


Cornwall is an area of Great Britain's most southerly point, The Lizard, as well as the southeast mainland's most westerly position, Land's End. Several kilometers further to the west are the Isles of Scilly. Cornwall would be the heart of seaside living with over 300 stunning golden beaches filled with water activities. For the nights, you'll discover smuggler's inns and extraordinary regional fresh fish.


The Eden Project in Cornwall has converted a pre-existing clay mine into an amazing global garden whereby adults and youngsters can find out more about ecological tasks, encounter superb theatre, art work and new music and see a completely eco-friendly ecosystem. Cornwall appeals to visitors from throughout the nation and plenty of surfers come to take advantage of the truly amazing waves that form across the coastline. The beaches undoubtedly are a fantastic spot to experience the sunshine while you are on dog friendly holidays. For people who like a more energetic type of getaway the resort areas provide a large number of aquatic sports and activities. Cornwall also offers a large amount of cultural and historical points of interest to charm and excite its guests. Visitors can take a look at the Cornish lifestyle that's provided within this district by means of art, architecture, and historic buildings.


Dog friendly holidays in Cornwall provides its visitors numerous gastronomic treats to sample throughout their getaway. Several places to eat in Cornwall supply visitors a great dining experience they're certain to remember. Cornwall is recognized for particular foods which have originated in the county and have now been world-renowned. These goodies are invariably best experienced whilst in that place to really get yourself a taste of Cornwall. Cornwall gives diners a range of enjoyable restaurants in a number of locations through the entire county with a price range to allow for any wallet. Regardless of whether it's a Cornish pasty or perhaps a three-course meal, a gourmet burger or fish and chips, Cornwall definitely has something for everyone.

So, you would have known by now that there are few places in the country where you can have more fun during your dog friendly holidays than at Cornwall. So, why have second thoughts about which place you should be headed to this summer for your dog friendly holidays.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food at the Dorset Holiday Cottages

You will have a delightful time at the wonderful Dorset holiday cottages as you try a plethora of flavors that will satisfy your senses. Make your vacations at the Dorset holiday cottages unforgettable as you relish comfort foods, home cooked meals and exotic cuisines. Stay at the self-catering holiday cottages for maximum comfort and luxury. You can find most Dorset holiday cottages near major tourist destinations. You will be pampered like VIPs at the excellent accommodations of the holiday cottages. During your vacations, you should make it a point to explore the contrasting beauty of the county and strengthen your bond with your family. For a flavorful feast, here are some places worth visiting during your stay at the exciting and wonderful Dorset holiday cottages:
The Riverside Restaurant is a wonderful place to bring your family during your vacation at the Dorset holiday cottages. Schedule a visit here as you celebrate good times in the south west of England. It is known for its excellent service and equally tasty dishes. Any discriminating palate can enjoy fine dining here with a plethora of choices such as English, French, Mediterranean and European cuisines. If you love fresh seafood dishes you can have it here like the pan seared sea bass, lobster and rock oysters. If you are craving for some classic fish-n-chips meal, the restaurant serves one of the best in the county. If you fancy some Greek salad, French roasted chicken or some Italian pasta, you will not be disappointed when you order some here. Both meat lovers and vegetarians can have a fine dining experience here. The restaurant is always packed to the hilt so make advanced reservations while at the Dorset holiday cottages. You will be treated with warm hospitality by the efficient staff members and will get a great view of the serene river. There is no better place to be during your family vacation than here at Riverside Restaurant.
If you cannot get enough of heart-warming Italian dishes, visit Prezzo during your time at the Dorset holiday cottages. The famous Italian restaurant serves authentic dishes that will bring you straight at the heart of Italy. It is just a stone's throw away from the holiday cottages. If you do not want to cook, just order whatever you fancy here. Only the finest ingredients are used in the preparation to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Patrons highly recommend goat's cheese Al Forno, Quattro Formaggi pizza, crab cakes and spaghetti Carbonara. The ambiance is very cozy and welcoming. Ask a friendly staff to assist you in choosing the best wine or beverage to complement your meal. Treat your spouse here with a romantic dinner for two and have a gastronomic delight during your vacation.
Other than the food there are so many attractions that you and your loved ones can enjoy when you plan a vacation at the Dorset holiday cottages. So, if you haven’t made plans for the summer yet then you know which place you should be visiting.