Monday, July 2, 2012

Stunning Houses that Keep History Alive in Cornwall

A visit to Cornwall is not complete without a visit to the different historical houses.  It will give you an inside look at how luxurious life was like for the rich in the past. Here are two places that are easily accessible from your Cornwall holiday cottages. You must include them in your itinerary.

Port Eliot
Estate Office, St Germans
Saltash, Cornwall
(01503) 230-211

Port Eliot is a magnificent attraction that is surrounded by magical grounds that sits right beside a secret estuary in Cornwall. It is a Grade 1 listed house and a Grade 1 listed park and garden. This award winning attraction can easily be reached if you are staying at the luxurious Cornwall holiday cottages. Sir John Soane has done such a beautiful work on the house while Humphrey Repton was the person responsible for the stunning park and garden.  You can see 11 staircases, 82 chimneys and 15 backdoors with a roof that covers half an acre. The Drawing Room was once the refectory when this place was still a monastery while the Big Dining room is decorated every year by Michael Howells, the famous production designer. The interesting house carpenter’s shop is where the house carpenter would repair furniture or do all the other jobs that kept the house well maintained. The popular Round Room has the masterpiece of Robert Lenckiewicz while the Morning Room has walls covered by 19th century French damask. The Port Eliot garden not only has an amazing collection of magnificent trees and shrubs but it also has summerhouses, a maze where children can play, ornamental ponds and fountains. You can visit the 18th century picturesque Boat House and the beautiful 18th century Orangery where citrus fruits were grown. The nine arch Romanesque viaduct was built in 1864 and is still used for the present line connecting London to Penzance. The 100 year old Rhododendron Garden has several sweetly scented species and hybrids and makes a great place to have a picnic. You can visit the house and garden from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. everyday starting 12th March to 7th June and 11th June to 8th July. Admission fee is £8.00 for adults, £4.00 for children under 16. Make sure you have explored thoroughly before going back to your comfortable Cornwall holiday cottages.

St Dominick
Saltash, Cornwall
(01579) 351-346

Cotehele is a Tudor mansion that sits in one of the most breathtaking riverside estate in St Dominick which you must visit if you are staying at the elegant Cornwall holiday cottages. This historic house was believed to be built between 1485 and 1627 and uses local granite, sandstone and slate. It served as the home of the Edgcumbe family for several centuries. Until today, the interior remains unlit by electricity.  You will see a fine collection of original oak furniture with arms and armours prominently displayed in the great hall. The walls are covered with beautiful tapestries and you will see interesting textiles used in the rooms. The oldest domestic working clock in the country is still hung in the chapel. Surrounding this beautiful home is the well maintained Valley Garden with formally planted terraces, a domed dovecote, a medieval stewpond and two apple and cherry orchards which overlooks the verdant valley. You must board Shamrock, the 1899 sailing barge moored at Cotehele Quay before going back to your Cornwall holiday cottages